people get so caught up on one small thing they don’t like, like their nose or something

things like salt and baking powder go into a cake and those things are gross alone but the cake is pretty damn delicious

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Title: While My Guitar Gently Weeps Artist: The Beatles 1,963 plays

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Title: The Girl (Acoustic) Artist: City and Colour 356,921 plays


While I’m off chasing my own dreams
Sailing around the world
Please know that I’m yours to keep

Went into town and ended up going to a job interview which was pretty cool.



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I’m kind of a dork. I don’t have much game. I’m not particularly comfortable in bars or clubs. I much prefer being home playing Scrabble, having dinner with a couple friends, going to see a movie, or losing a whole weekend to Season 14 of Law and Order or The Simpsons.

 Wentworth Miller

Shame he’s gay because we are perfect for each other ;) 

This will be the new confident me.

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I didn’t get the job I thought I had but I’m not too fussed just means something better is waiting in store I guess! 


Had a pretty productive day :)


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