I guess you are right. Thanks for the good times.


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I am so tired. I just want a hot bath, get into my pjs and shove my face full of chow mein, sweets and cherry coke. That is what I shall do!


House became suspiciously quiet, went investigating and found this in the kitchen


When I tried kissing for the first time


36 Things all women in their twenties are obsessed with… apparently. Let’s see!

1) Not really though I would like better ones!

2) Not at all.

3) Don’t know who that is.

4) No.

5) No way.

6) Yes, all boots.

7) Yes, guilty pleasure!

8) Kinda yeah! Because I honestly see loads from people in college. 

9) I do like them though they are pretty pointless because they end up on the floor. 

10) Oh yep. Chocolate. Enough said.

11) No. Haven’t seen any.

12) Hmm not obsessed but happy when I find a good one as i wear it most days.

13) Not really.

14) Again, no clue who that is! 

15) No, sounds bad but no.

16) Not really though I do like smelling the Yankee ones at work! Maybe I will in the winter.

17) Oh yes, I do rock a red lip ;)

18) Nah.

19) Never looked at it.

20) Nope, though I like doing Buzzfeed quizzes when I’m bored.

21) Nope.

22) No, most peoples holiday photos are dull.

23) Hell no. I like food.

24) No, I don’t really like it but it’s cheap and i’m lazy. Proper food from scratch over that shit any day.

25) I don’t like Friends.

26) Not really.

27) Am I supposed to know who these people are?!

28) Looked them up. Hideous.

29) How can you compare sex to diet coke? Wtf. Diet coke is awful.

30) What?

31) I don’t count carbs.

32) Hell no. Full fat forever.

33) Oh yeah when I was a student.

34) Actually I do this…

35) No.

36) I guess I do this but try not to. 

Maybe this is why I don’t have many friends! People obsessed with all this stuff are morons! 

I loved her. I loved her more than anything.

I totally fancied Jesse after seeing him with her. He’s a a sweetie really. 

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So Far, This Fifth Grader’s Diary Entry is the Most Punk Rock Thing Ever

Nothing screams punk like i’s dotted with hearts.

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They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

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Most beautiful bad guy ever.

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John Murphy  In the House - In a Heartbeat



  • Eczema is no longer infected on my leg and it’s on the mend.
  • Starting the Princes Trust course a week tomorrow.
  • Actually starting to have career aspirations and working on them.
  • Looking at volunteer work. 
  • I am gaining confidence.
  • I start my driving course soon and send off the papers for my car.
  • I have great friends.
  • I have weekend work which means I can still get a bit of money and the staff are nice.
  • I graduate in just over 6 weeks time.
  • I have actually bothered to write this list!